When starting their own business, every businessman in need is faced with the problem of finding a suitable premises, and in such cases there is not always the finances to purchase it. In such cases, it is best to turn to the possibility of long-term lease of commercial real estate in Moscow and other cities.

Here are some of the benefits of renting a space:

Minimal costs compared to buying; Simple registration procedure; Possibility of easy change of premises; And of course the choice will be more extensive than when buying. Let's pay attention to the fact that the process of renting is also beneficial for the owner, primarily with a stable passive income.

Types of commercial property lease objects.

The following types of commercial property are available for rent: office buildings and premises, for example, you can rent an office in Moscow for your business; Trading - we all know the rent of shops in the city center, or other areas, as well as boutiques, stalls, etc.; Industrial which includes: logical real estate (warehouses), industrial (manufacturing); In the field of catering, this is the rental of restaurants, cafes, etc.; Boarding houses, sports clubs, honey. centers; Lease of land, for example for agriculture.

The process of renting a property.

The first step is to find a suitable room and carefully inspect it, analyzing all the nuances of your business; Study the contract carefully. Mandatory clauses of the contract: Term, cost, and type of payment; Description of the property; The responsibility of the parties is prescribed; Terms of termination of the contract. It is worthwhile to discuss various unforeseen circumstances in advance and describe them in the contract. Analysis of property documents; Decide on the amount of rent.  Aspects affecting the formation of rent: The area of ​​the object, and its condition at the time of delivery; Location area; Proximity to public transport; The situation in the real estate market.

Benefits of hiring a real estate agency

Benefit in terms of finances, since agencies will help you choose the option that is right for you, then the amount for the service pays off with a good deal; Legal protection. You may not know many of the nuances in which the company's specialists will help you figure it out; Minimum time spent on searching and registering a lease; Simplicity in the search, you do not need to look for a room yourself, call, etc. Specialists will suggest objects suitable for you. In order to receive high-quality assistance from specialists, to protect yourself from fraudulent transactions, you should contact our real estate agency MoscowRentEstate.

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