Finding commercial real estate in Moscow for a successful business is not an easy task, including many nuances. The website of MoscowRentEstate presents an extensive database where you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs, wishes, and planned budget. With us, long-term rental of detached buildings in Moscow will not be a problem and will not take much time and effort.

What does the modern market offer?

In the capital, free-standing buildings and structures are presented in a large assortment. They are located in different areas, while many of them are located within walking distance from the metro. The price of detached objects is largely determined by their characteristics. An extensive selection of current offers allows you to rent a business center for a long time, taking into account individual requirements. Based on the information provided, the tenant can make an informed and beneficial decision.

Rent of detached buildings for different types of activities

It may be necessary to rent separate buildings for offices and supermarkets on a long-term basis to individual entrepreneurs, small enterprises and large companies. Specialists of the real estate agency will help with the selection of the offer and the conclusion of the transaction. As a rule, rental of buildings near Moscow for commercial companies and government organizations is required with a good transport interchange. Traditionally, prestigious properties with a convenient location are more expensive, but often the additional costs pay off in the process of activity. Before you start searching, you should formulate your goals and needs. The site presents a wide range of offers that are suitable for organizations, consulates and embassies of other countries, offices, warehouses, retail outlets, premises for conducting various businesses. The offered property is equipped with all required communications.

Selecting an object based on individual needs

When choosing an object for rent, it is worth considering the activities of the company and a number of nuances. For the right decision, it is necessary to clearly understand the functions of the building, the needs of the business:

  • if you need an office where frequent meetings with clients and partners are planned, it is desirable that it be located near the metro and have the option of paid or free parking;
  • if it is planned to place staff in the premises, the building should have an appropriate area (everyone should be comfortable), be located close to the metro, have good transport interchange (employees rarely drive their own car), as well as canteens, inexpensive cafes nearby;
  • if the building is taken as a store or a supermarket, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of access for trucks, as well as the availability of appropriate permits for this type of activity.

A stand-alone building will be a good solution for large companies with many departments. The catalog contains objects with different characteristics, each of them is accompanied by a photo, a detailed description. The extensive range of offerings includes buildings with high quality finishes and simply in working condition.

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