The restaurant business is a very appropriate and beneficial investment nowadays . With a competent approach, this activity pays off fast and in the future will bring the owners to a solid profit. But a prerequisite for this business is the availability of a suitable facility. Purchasing a new room will hit your pocket hard, as a result of many newcomers make a choice in favor of long-term rental of bars and cafes in the center of Moscow. This option will make it possible to get a room to use for a relatively small rent.

Current offers for renting are in our agency.

One of the most important issues is the choice of a suitable room for further work. Half of the success of this undertaking will depend on it. It is very important to approach the choice with responsibility and wisdom. This will allow you not to invest in a deliberately losing variant and it is more likely to ensure the successful prosperity of the restaurant. In the vastness of the Internet, you are able to find a lot of ads about renting cafes and bars. But it is more recommendable to search through specialized agencies. This will essentially save time and require less effort.

A large catalog of commercial real estate for business is offered by the agency "MoscowRentEstate". Thanks to the variety of options, users will be guaranteed to choose appropriate solutions. All the presented offers are supplemented with visual photos and detailed descriptions. This will allow you not to lose money and it is more likely to stop at a suitable solution. If necessary, representatives of the company will consult on issues and give valuable recommendations on the choice.

The choice of premises are based on the concept of the institution

First of all, the room is chosen based on the concept of the future restaurant. At the same time, it is required to determine the format, passability, technical characteristics of the space and to choose an object corresponding to the parameters. For a more prompt search, it is advisable to describe in details the concept of the future bar and calculate the budget that will be required for its implementation.

Location of the building

An important factor while renting restaurants in Moscow for the long term is the location of the premises. It will directly determine the possibility of implementing the adopted concept, the flow of visitors and, as a result, the success of the whole business. The location should be chosen based on the following factors:

  • Target audience. It is possible to choose the optimal location easily when there is a focus on a certain audience and the information about the habitats of potential customers.
  • Competition. It is not recommended to choose a room for a restaurant next to competitors. If you want to open an Italian restaurant, and there are 5 more similar establishmentsjust a few steps away, it is better to change the location.
  • Visibility and accessibility. If the cafe is located near metro stops and is clearly visible among other objects, the flow of interested customers is provided to it.
  • Availability of parking spaces. This criterion is also significant for visitors who arrived by private car. The cafe's lack of its own parking or a big urban area nearby can affect negatively the desire to visit the restaurant.
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