Purchasing an apartment in Moscow is a complex and responsible procedure. The buyer needs not only to study hundreds of proposals for the sale of real estate, but also to make sure that the purchase and sale transaction is legally correct - without cheating with documents and transferring money. Significantly facilitate the process of buying square meters in the capital is offered to you by our professional real estate agency MoscowRentEstate.By contacting us, you will get access to the most advantageous offers on the Moscow housing market and be able to enlist legal support.

What services do we provide
In our real estate agency you are guaranteed an individual approach. The company's specialists will carefully study your wishes and, based on them, will select the best solution. Thanks to a large staff, which includes experienced realtors and lawyers, we can offer you a wide range of services:

  • selection of apartments in the capital;
  • assistance in communicating with potential sellers or buyers;
  • verification of documents for legal frequency;
  • support during the transaction in a notary;
  • ensuring security when performing financial transactions.

You can order the listed services from us individually or in a complex. In the second case, you will receive full legal support. This will provide you with maximum security, which is especially important when making real estate transactions.


Extensive database of ads

Our real estate company has a solid catalog with offers for the sale of apartments in the capital. It offers housing for every taste and budget. These are not only elite apartments for sale in Moscow, but also ordinary ones in budget-class houses. Depending on the wishes of the client, we can pick up real estate both in the old fund and in new buildings. All offers have descriptions with technical parameters of the apartments, as well as photographs. If any options are of interest to the client, our specialists immediately contact the owners and agree on showing the property.


Assistance with the sale of apartments

Our company is often approached not only by buyers, but also by sellers who need to quickly sell their homes. In such situations, we use well-established advertising moves so that the sale of apartments in Moscow takes place as soon as possible and at a favorable price for the client. Practice shows that when housing is liquid, we can sell it in the capital within 2-3 weeks. In such a short time, apartments in good technical condition, located in the central parts of the city, “leave”. If the object is located on the outskirts of the capital and put up for sale without repair, it traditionally finds its buyer within 3-8 weeks. The indicated terms may vary depending on the season, the location of the apartment relative to the metro and other factors.

Benefits of contacting us

Working with our real estate company is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  1. you save your personal time and nerves by entrusting the search for housing or its sale to experienced realtors;
  2. the chances of encountering apartment scammers are completely excluded - our lawyers carefully check all objects, their owners and documents;
  3. with us you will find the best prices for apartments in the city center;
  4. e do not charge for showing properties.

Before concluding an agreement with our company, you can contact us by phone or on the website. We will advise you on the prices for services and answer other questions of interest.

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