You can buy a building in the center of Moscow, in residential areas or, for example, on the outskirts, to open a retail outlet, a service salon, production, and for any other purposes permitted by its intended purpose. If you are interested in a transaction for the purchase and sale of such real estate for the first time, given the impressive cost of the object, we recommend that you seek help from specialists.

What is the cost of the detached building?

The price of "independent" real estate must be determined by a qualified expert with official permission to assess, and documented. The cost depends on factors such as:

  • Location. An object in the central part of the metropolis, other things being equal, will always cost more than a building in a residential area;
  • The size of the land. The rules are standard, the larger the number of square meters. meters of land, the higher the offer price;
  • Technical parameters of the building itself (number of floors, total area, number of rooms, emergency condition requiring repair or after overhaul);
  • Purpose (warehouse, office, trade, production, etc.);
  • Presence/absence and condition of communication systems (drainage, electricity, water supply, wired internet, etc.).

The costs of the services of an expert appraiser always fall on the shoulders of the property owner. However, the buyer, in agreement with the seller, can conduct his own independent examination if the “figures” given to him are in doubt.

The main stages of the transaction

Buying and selling detached buildings in Moscow is always a multi-million dollar deal. Therefore, it requires preliminary preparation, as well as the participation of specialized specialists.

Key steps:

  1. Search for detached builindg in Moscow, negotiations and development of commercial terms of the operation.
  2. Formation of a sales plan. We can talk about the sale of the organization that owns the building, or the sale of the building directly with the land. In the first case, re-registration of ownership of the building is not required. But it is definitely recommended to conduct an audit of the purchased enterprise.
  3. Technical, financial and legal evaluation of the prepared transaction, organization, land.
  4. Negotiation of the contract of sale. Collection and execution of related documentation.
  5. Direct execution of the transaction: transfer of ownership, payment, signing of the agreement.

At any stage, the help of an experienced specialist is required. Therefore, it is worth hiring a qualified realtor in advance. This will save time, and subsequently - money and nerves.

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