The restaurant business will be an excellent solution for people who want to open and run their own business. But it is very difficult to open even a small establishment from scratch. The procedure involves finding and purchasing premises, as well as the full development of the concept. You will also need to purchase appropriate furniture and equipment, enter into partnership agreements with suppliers.All this will require some knowledge and take a lot of time.Due to these cost factors, many aspiring restaurateurs prefer to buy a restaurant in the center of Moscow with a ready-made concept.

Benefits of buying a ready-made establishment

The purchase of a ready-made restaurant will eliminate the need for all preparatory work. Immediately after the conclusion of the transaction, the businessman can begin to manage the restaurant business and its development. At the same time, today it is possible to find establishments with a favorable location and a large flow of visitors. But buying a ready-made restaurant in the center of Moscow is possible only if all important factors and nuances are taken into account. Announcements of sale, in turn, are better to look for on the websites of agencies.

What to look for when choosing

First of all, buyers should decide on a budget and consider offers in a suitable price range. Similar to buying or renting a restaurant space, when buying an establishment, you should pay attention to the following important factors:

  • The financial condition of the establishment. To determine the success of a restaurant, it is recommended to request all financial documents, find out the average monthly expenses for maintenance and wages, as well as the presence or absence of debt obligations.
  • Location. The location of the restaurant also plays a key role in the profitability and success of the establishment. You should take into account the average flow of people past the institution and the audience visiting it, pay attention to the availability of parking spaces and distance from metro stops.
  • Concept. It is advisable to choose establishments with a concept that matches or does not differ much from preferences and will not be subject to drastic changes in the future. The development of the concept involves extra costs, sometimes very significant.
  • Reputation. Before buying, you should collect information about the reputation of the restaurant and analyze the benefits of the acquisition based on it. Even with a complete change in concept, a restaurant with a negative reputation will not have a large number of customers.

Current offers from our agency

Restaurants, cafes and bars for sale in Moscow are offered by many real estate agencies. A large catalog of options is presented on the website of the "MoscowRentEstate" company. Thanks to a convenient presentation and comprehensive information on each offer, users will be able to quickly select suitable establishments. Over a long period of work, our professional commercial real estate agency has helped many clients profitably acquire suitable establishments for them. The site offers only current ads. The catalog is regularly updated with new offers, among which you will surely find the best options.

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