The number of small area retail outlets (from 3,000 to 20,000 square meters) has been increasing in the capital for several years in a row. According to analysts, this trend is related to the growing popularity of free-standing stores and boutiques. Residents of megalopolises are trying to save time and visit compact commercial objects located in the central part of the city and near their homes.

Open a retail business in a shorter time and with minimal expenses for its arrangement, allows the sale of stores in Moscow. Registration of ownership transfer of commercial real estate is carried out through the authorized service UGRN.

Valuation of retail outlets

Before you sell or buy a boutique in the center of Moscow, you need to know how the price of commercial premises is determined. The main points:

  • Valuation can only be performed by specialized agencies or independent experts with a state license to perform this procedure;
  • Appraiser services are paid by the property owner, not the potential buyer;
  • The methods used for analysis - cost, income, analogue;
  • During the procedure, the specialist checks the suitability for future use, the total area, location address, layout and other parameters of the object;
  • The results of the study are recorded in the concluding act.

The results serve as the basis for billing the value of the store. Buyers should have no doubts about their objectivity.

Important nuances of boutique sales transactions

If you decide to buy or sell a commercial space for the first time, remember the main rules:

  1. To minimize risks, reduce time and financial costs, it is worth resorting to the services of specialists. The price is sure to pay for itself.
  2. In view of the impressive price of the transaction, a preliminary agreement is signed before the conclusion of the main agreement of sale. Only after the buyer without haste and with the help of professionals examine all the conditions of the proposal, drawn up the main document.
  3. The transfer of money and the signing of the act of acceptance is carried out at the actual handover of keys, supporting documentation, the commercial object. After that, the new owner of the boutique should conduct its registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

You can buy a store with equipment and machinery, furniture and advertising banners, rights to a quality mark and / or a trademark. It should be discussed in advance with the seller and put into the contract, what exactly will be included in the final price of the proposal.

Recommendations for choosing a store in the capital

Keep in mind:

A good location of the commercial space is extremely important for a metropolis. Walking distance to public transport stops, subway stations, parking lots;
Buying a fully equipped commercial point of sale will allow you to start a business much faster. If the object is not connected to all communications, to coordinate with the regulatory authorities can take many months;
It is worth tracing the reputation in advance. About the object can be so numerous and negative reviews, that even after the perfect adjustment of processes, ruined reputation will adversely affect the work and profits.

You can buy or put up store for sale by contacting a professional commercial real estate agency "MoscowRentEstate". And sellers and buyers of retail outlets, transaction support services are provided on a "turnkey" basis. To get a preliminary consultation, call or write to our managers right now.

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