If you want to buy an apartment in the capital, contact MoscowRentEstate. The company provides full support for real estate transactions. On the official website, visitors to virtual pages will be able to choose the best accommodation for the available budget. Buyers will find complete answers to their questions here. In case of difficulties, they will receive qualified assistance from experienced realtors.

Benefits of using a real estate agency

Buying an apartment contains certain risks. The real estate company will help to avoid them. Mutually beneficial cooperation provides customers with many advantages. The main advantages of a commercial transaction are as follows:

  • reliability;
  • legal protection;
  • financial benefit;
  • saving time.

 A homebuyer acquires legally verified property through a real estate agency in Moscow. The apartments put up for sale are officially subject to a preliminary appraisal examination. Checks determine the condition and reliability of buildings, other technical parameters.From the financial side, cooperation is beneficial for customers, the opportunity to choose among the mass of real estate objects of the best option for the price. Realtors are the most informed specialists in matters of buying/selling real estate. They will help you choose an apartment at a cost without market allowances.

Legal protection of a real estate transaction involves providing the buyer with original documents with a guarantee from a specialist. Employees of the agency, whose line of business is the sale of real estate in Moscow, deal with the resolution of all legal issues. Protect the buyer from possible fraudulent activities. The agency's database contains an extensive portfolio of proposals. The client does not need to spend time on independent searches, inspection of apartments, check for legal purity, verify the authenticity of property documents. All these actions will be taken by the realtor and will offer the client the most suitable options.

Services provided by the company

 Agency specialists, whose field of activity is the purchase, sale of apartments in Moscow, will perform many processes, which, with an independent purchase of housing, will take more than one month. The Realtor will take the following steps:

  1.  place a buy/sell ad;
  2.  monitors suitable offers;
  3.  answer calls from sellers/buyers;
  4.  offer and organize viewings of suitable apartments;
  5.  perform all the rough work on verification, paperwork;
  6.  competently supervise the execution of the contract, the transfer of money.
  7.  private transfer from airport and chauffeur service

At all stages of the acquisition of real estate, the agent represents the interests of the client. Provides up-to-date information and reports on all the nuances, factors that deserve the attention of a property buyer.

In the process of conducting his work, the realtor advises the client at all stages. Only an experienced professional can guarantee a safe transaction, whether it is luxury real estate in Moscow or a budget apartment option. The agent is checking housing to eliminate risks. Thanks to his professional intuition, he can see even the most hidden nuances of the seller's illegal actions.

Customer Reviews
Eloise Harvey

Roman and his colleagues are knowledgeable, professional and provide a first class service. They were very understanding in regards to all our requests. Recommended.

Евгений Новиков

Хочу поблагодарить сотрудников компании за выдержанность и профессионализм. Квартиру мы искали долго, просмотрели много вариантов, но в результате нашли именно ту, которая нам подходит. Мы с женой очень довольны.

Ettore Giannini

Vorrei ringraziare l'agenzia per assistenza nella ricerca di ufficio a Mosca. Elena ci ha aiutato molto e abbiamo visto molti opzioni. Sicuramente vi andremo a consigliare ai nostri partner in Italia.

Елена Ластовская

Большое спасибо за профессионализм и быстрое заселение наших сотрудников в Москве. Будем рекомендовать вас друзьям.

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